The electrical blind in insulating glass

Glass clear advantage

Conventional insulating glasses have a permanent function, which you have to specify during purchase. These functions can be thermal insulation, sun protection, noise protection and many others.
The I-S-T SOLAR FLEX® installation kit can be integrated into all 2 and 3 pane insulating glasses. By integration of I-S-T SOLAR FLEX® into the insulating glass you get in addition an active function.

Due to the variable and adaptable slats of I-S-T SOLAR FLEX® we´re able to setup optimal conditions inside of the building according to the weather and radiation conditions outside. The insulating glass with integrated blind I-S-T SOLAR FLEX® is able to keep the heat inside of the building and helps herewith to save the valuable energy.

I-S-T SOLAR FLEX® offers in addition shading and light control as well as sight and power protection in a single system.

Insulating glasses with integrated  I-S-T SOLAR FLEX® are suitable ideally for usage in:
  - Facades
  - Windows
  - Doors
  - Winter gardens
  - Partition walls
  - Production halls and stocks

I-S-T SOLAR FLEX® controls the daylight into the building, gives a pleasant shade, protects you against prying eyes and helps to save the valuable energy. 

Each I-S-T SOLAR FLEX® kit is produced by hand according to the requirements and needs, as well as in accordance to window-specific and local conditions.

In conjunction with our quality management we ensure our customers an individual product in highest quality.

solar-flex petrom-city2


solar-flex messestand


solar-flex wintergarten2

Product description

The venetian blind is installed within the head of the insulation glass (space 27mm, 29mm or 32 mm). Therefore it is unaffected by the environment and maintenance free (no cleaning required). Subsequently damages to the venetian blind (internal or external) are impossible.  

Lifting, lowering, turning and placement of the slats is done by a 24 volt feed drive which is supplied with electricity from a transformer, battery, rechargeable battery or solar cell. The connection to the blind inside of the insulating glass (minimal thickness 6mm) is solved by I-S-T circuit board system through the sealing. This system ensures an absolutely water vapour and gas diffusion-free power transition from outside to inside.

The standard installation of the blind is convex profiled. Upon request they can also be produced with a concave profile (concave profiles are mostly used in the upper third section of the window for light directing purposes).

All available slats for I-S-T SOLAR FLEX® are made of highly flexible aluminium. They are available in 3 standard colours. The non-reflective coating from inside is available for all standard colours. We´re also able to deliver slats in many special colours.

Common available glass types with different permanent functions can be combined with I-S-T SOLAR FLEX®  inside of the insulating glass individually.

The insulating glass with I-S-T SOLAR FLEX® can be installed into all common wooden, plastic, light metal or steel window profiles.

Of course are our systems proven according to the guideline VE-07/2 for shading systems inside of insulating glass.

solar-flex 1     solar-flex wintergarten1     solar-flex petrom-city1     solar-flex trennwand


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