The fixed overhead system in the insulating glass

           ...creates well-being and saves valuable energy.

Daylight is essential for humans. Different light intensities during the day progresses, the light and dark seasons, and the constant changes in the Wet-age care for ever new sensations and affect the well-being of man-made between positive.
In the modern life and living environment, often artificially lit, often lack a sufficient dose of daylight to people physically and mentally healthy.

Our product I-S-T ISO LIGHT is equivalent of its type since most of our product I-S-T ISO FIX®. However, it is optimized for the application of the daylight directing in the vertical facade area. I-S-T ISO FIX® can contrast its advantages in the area of sloping glazed roof, bring solutions to full advantage.
I-S-T ISO LIGHT  is used very often as a skylight element for optimal complement to our mobile blind system SOLAR FLEX®

Our product I-S-T ISO LIGHT is individually tailored to the specific construction projects.
It is designed and manufactured according to the following aspects within the specified dimensions by hand:

    • Local conditions
    • Geographical alignment of the building
    • Type of the facade construction
    • window specific requirements
    • daylight requirements at the location of the facility


Product description

The light-directing system I-S-T ISO LIGHT consists of the slats and a specially developed carrier system made of aluminium. This carrier system is customized according to requirements. The optimum angle of the blades is calculated by a simulation program that takes into account the location of the object, the sun trajectory on the site, the geographical orientation of the building, and the nature of the facade and the premises.

I-S-T ISO LIGHT is permanently integrated in the insulating glass spacer system. As a result, the lamellae are completely maintenance free and resistant to weathering. Gene damage by external impact of the slats is excluded.

The slats of I-S-T ISO LIGHT are made of a highly flexible aluminium alloy. There are slats in various widths. You are in our standard colours, it obtainable. On special request, the blades can be manufactured in all RAL colours. In the selection of the slats should be noted that the mode of action of I-S-T ISO LIGHT reflection value dependent of the selected slat.

All commercially available glass types with different functions are combined with permanent I-S-T ISO LIGHT in insulating glass with 2 or 3 slices of individually combined. However, this local regulation, the TRAV and TRLV are observed.

I-S-T ISO LIGHT can be manufactured in all forms for model panes.

Active glass with I-S-T ISO LIGHT can all facade systems, as well as all the usual window profiles, be built from timber, plastic, aluminium or steel.

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