The electrical moved pleats in insulating glass

Glass, shade and privacy in a system - Ideal for all windows, doors, conservatories and facades.

Contrary to thermal and sun resistant glass with a permanent function, I-S-T ISO PLISSEE with it´s reflecting fabrics transforms multi-pane IGU´s to glass elements with integrated pleats. Interior conditions can be adjusted to the respective environmental factors.

I-S-T ISO PLISSEE has a wide range of application and can be utilized in various areas:

  • Glass-facades
  • Separation walls within offices
  • Construction or redevelopment
  • Teller areas in banks
  • Laboratories, hospitals, etc.
  • Winter garden
  • Display windows

Product description

The pleats is housed within the head of the insulation glass. Therefore it is unaffected by the environment and maintenance free (no cleaning required). Subsequently damages to the pleats (internal or external) are impossible.

Lifting and lowering of the pleats is done by a 24 Volt feed drive, which is supplied with electricity from a transformer, batteries, rechargeable batteries or solar cell.

The pleats are aluminium steamed or nacre coated. They are available in many colours and patterns. The fabrics and foils of I-S-T ISO PLISSEE reflect most of the sun light, allowing only parts of the radiation into the room, generating a comfortable workplace illumination.

The cavity between the insulation glass panes (minimum thickness of the glass is 6 mm) in which the Plisse is housed, is hermetically sealed off from the exterior by a patented circuit board connection.

It is possible to combine of a variety of glass types (as required). I-S-T ISO PLISSEE can be installed into virtually any kind of frame (timber, aluminium, PVC, etc.)






  • Conforms with workplace regulations
  • Optimal sun protection
  • Controlled lighting conditions
  • Enhancement of the room climate
  • Reduction of energy costs for air-conditioning and heating
  • Optimal scope for design
  • The venetian blind is maintenance free and no cleaning is required
  • Saves time and reduces cost when cleaning the windows
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy operation
  • (electric switch, remote control or fully automatic)
  • Low energy consumption
  • (operated with ac adapter, battery or rechargeable battery)
  • No damage through climatic influences
  • Easy instalment of separation walls
  • Wide range of application
  • 5 Year Warranty

There is also a version of I-S-T ISO PLISSEE which moves from the bottom to the top (I-S-T ISO PLISSEE V)

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