The company I-S-T Integrierte Sonnenschutz Technologie Vertriebs GmbH,
is an innovative and dynamical company placed in Hann. Münden (Germany), which is specialized in production of sun-shading, daylight and black-out systems designed for using in insulating glass.

It includes also special control systems designed for this application.

We developed the system ourselves, and we produce exclusively in our house. This serves to accomplish our self-imposed highest quality standard that we associate with the term „Made in Germany“.

Optimal quality for our customers is assured thanks qualified employees and our strict multiple quality control in single production steps. 
More than 15 year experience in this production range and cooperation with our customers, the leading European insulating glass producers, helped us to bring our products to perfection.

Moreover we let our products check regularly since 2005 at the Frauenhofer Institute for Building Physics in Stuttgart in accordance to a strict guideline VE-07/2. 
These usability tests in an environmental chamber simulate the real operating conditions and certify our products a lifespan of up to 50.000 cycles (down, tilt and up).

This corresponds in case of 800 cycles per year a lifetime of 50 years. 

The usability according to the guideline VE-07/2 was also for big insulating glasses with integrated blind with 9m² reached.

We check of course our products also under the additional criteria which require simulating of winter and summer operating conditions in an environmental chamber.

Make a decision to use the insulating glass with integrated original I-S-T systems and you get the technology, which connects at optimal way the highest quality and reliability as well as design and the function.


Our Team

Torsten Bold General Manager

Torsten Bold

General Manager

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Email: info @


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