The fixed blind in the insulating glass

Glass clear advantage

Conventional insulating glasses used in the skylines have a permanent function, you have to specify during purchase. These functions could be thermal insulation, sun protection, noise protection and many others.

I-S-T ISO FIX® provides optimal shading in summer when the sun light impacts at a steep angle. This provides protection from direct sunlight and unobstructed view from the inside.

I-S-T ISO FIX® is suitable for all double or triple insulating glass units used for skylines.

In cold weather keeps the IGU with integrated I-S-T ISO FIX® the heat inside of the building and herewith helps to save valuable energy.

I-S-T ISO FIX® offers sun shading, sight protection and energy saving in only one system.


Product description

The venetian blind is mounted on a fixed frame within the insulating glass (24, 27, 29 or 32 mm). The venetian blinds are therefore protected from climatic influences and absolutely maintenance free. Damage or dirtiness from the outside or inside is impossible.

is designed for installation into pitched roofs and can therefore be utilised in almost all roof angles and similar applications.

The aluminium slats are anodized or powder coated and come in four standard colours. Upon request I-S-T ISO FIX® can also be fitted with various RAL coloured slats.

Through the special shape of the slats and their angle setting most of the heat is reflected and only a portion of the daylight is permitted into the interior. However, I-S-T ISO FIX® is hardly recognizable from down below. Various glass types in any conceivable combination are available.
I-S-T ISO FIX® can be installed in almost any type of frame (timber, aluminium, PVC, etc.).


  • Optimal sun protection
  • Improved indoor climate
  • No additional costs for cleaning and maintenance of the blind
  • Damage due to weather or vandalism excluded
  • Weathering resistance
  • 5 years guarantee

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